Rosé Bongiorno

0,75 lt bottles

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Our rosé is produced from Sangiovese Grosso grapes, obtained through a "bleeding" in which the grape juice is in contact with the skins for only one hour. With this procedure we obtain a wine with a high alcohol content which is soft and pleasant if drunk at a temperature of about 10°.
Its color, thanks to the use of low doses of sulfur dioxide, is orange, enhanced by the transparent bottle.
Produced by bloodletting from Sangiovese grapes suitable for Brunello di Montalcino

In stainless steel vats

Alcohol content:
15% Vol.

Residual sugars:
about 1 g/l

No. of bottles/year:
about 600

Tasting notes and pairings:
Almost an "orange" in colour, clear and bright. The nose is intense and ethereal at first impact, the fruit in alcohol and the initial solvent (acetone) soon give way to sweet hints of anise and orange blossom, vegetable note. The sip is full, warm and enveloping.
Pairing: white meats and first courses. Excellent with medium-aged cheeses.
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16.00 €
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