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To accompany the meal but also moments of relaxation


The right match at the end of the meal

With our sweet and delicate grappa and our amber-colored brandy we want to revive the taste of good Tuscan products to be tasted in good company in moments of relaxation.


Extra virgin olive oil

Made with organic olives

Fragrant, tasty with slightly spicy notes, our oil is cold extracted and is an excellent companion for bruschetta and condiments.


White Grappa of Montalcino

From the pomace of Brunello | 0,50 lt bottles

The Grappa di Brunello is produced at the Alboni distillery which, through discontinuous stills, produces a sweet nectar with delicate aromas, excellent to sip after dinner or in moments of complete relaxation. The Brunello pomace after fermenting in our cellar is brought ... ➔

24.00 €


Grappa Riserva di Brunello

From Brunello pomace aged in wood | 0,50 lt bottles

The Grappa Riserva di Brunello is a distillate produced by the Alboni distillery that uses discontinuous stills to produce a sweet nectar with delicate aromas. This distillate is aged in wood for at least 12 months and can be enjoyed after dinner or in moments of complete ... ➔

30.00 €


Sangiovese Brandy

500 ml bottles

A luxurious product made from the distillation of wine. Distilled in copper stills, it is then aged in wood for at least one year. During this period, it acquires the flavors and aromas of the wood in which it is left to rest.

32.00 €


Olive oil

Refined and fragrant

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from our olive grove. All plants are bred with classic form. This emerald green oil is made extraordinary by its spicy flavor excellent accomplice of a bruschetta with salt and garlic.

20.00 €

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