Work in the vineyard

Only organic, bioavailable and natural elements

The Il Cocco Vineyards

From distant origins...

The Vigna del Cocco already existed in 1765 when the Leopoldino Cadastre was promulgated. Since then it has always developed more enriching the structure of the soil and the vigor of the plants. Over the last couple of years we have seen an improvement in the vitality and fruiting of plants.
Currently we produce our wines on three hectares of vineyards, cultivated organically, without herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Our vineyards

The ideal location

At 600 meters above sea level, our vineyards enjoy a particularly beneficial climate.
About 5 km away from the hill of Montalcino, they have a south-east exposure especially favorable because they are beaten by Sirocco and Tramontana winds that facilitate a microclimate adverse to the proliferation of diseases.

Work in the vineyard

Careful methods and proceedings

In the vineyard we try to use the tractor as little as possible, in turn relying on the use of green manure in order to bring nitrogen to the vines. In the rows, processed only every 3 years, we try to have the maximum biodiversity of species of flowers and wild herbs in order to stimulate exchanges between the roots.

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