Work in the cellar

The highest quality at every stage


A path in progress

The fermentation is carried out in steel tanks for a period of about thirty days, during which the must, through indigenous yeasts, becomes wine and through contact with the skins acquires color and body.
The use of indigenous yeasts aims to obtain wines that cannot be reproduced as these yeasts develop on the skins of the grapes, during the agricultural season and are typical of the Terroir of Podere Il Cocco.

Rest in barrels

Where wine takes shape and character

After vinification, the wine is stored for a few months in steel tanks before being racked into oak barrels from France, Hungary and Austria. The aging of about 3 years in Tonneaux of 500 liters allows the wine to acquire tertiary aromas such as tobacco, vanilla, cocoa...At the same time, through the wood, a micro-oxygenation takes place that allows the wine to evolve its characteristics such as tannins and acidity.
The use of different types of wood every year, with also different seasoning and roasting, allows to obtain wines that reflect the wine vintage and are different and pleasantly unique.


A final touch of elegance and stability

After aging in wood, Brunello needs a period in steel tanks in order to best blend the aromas obtained in each single barrel and obtain complexity and depth of the aromas. 
The steel period also allows to certify the wine and obtain the Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G. Mark. otherwise it would be not usable.

The bottling takes place with semi-automatic machines where each bottle is taken in hand several times, first to fill it and then to cork it. The cork is obligatorily made of natural cork, and by choice it is a first choice stopper with "IGEA" treatment of the Mureddu company, which guarantees thresholds below the perception for Pirazine, Geosmina and Guaiacolo.

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