Wine storage

The right home for a product of excellence


In oak barrels

The choice of the right type of wood (French, Hungarian or Austrian Oak) is made immediately after the end of fermentation by Giacomo, when the wine is still warm and before winter arrives. Every year the decision which and how much wood will have to be bought new in order to fix the character of the wine is taken after the first tasting. Every year the magic is repeated and every year the previous experience helps to always find new ways to refine Brunello.

Refinement in bottle

In Bordeaux 0.75 cl

The maturation process ends with bottling in Bordeaux style bottles from 750 cl., 1500 cl, 3000 cl up to 18 liters.
The choice of the bottle is mandatory to the Bordeaux shape and dark color to give all Brunello di Montalcino the same touch of elegance and refinement.

Wine conservation

Environmental factors are decisive

All bottles are bottled in the company, one by one, and in turn labeled by hand and then stored in the company. The methods of storage even after bottling are decisive: the control of humidity, temperature, and light.

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